Who we are and what we do.

We are a group of women committed to a vision of sisterhood where personal, professional, intellectual and cultural growth will be supported and encouraged. By empowering our own members we seek to create positive change in our Austin community by serving others. In addition to this, we will support preservation and fundraising efforts to keep our platform and home, the Chateau Bellevue thriving. 

We provide monthly on-site and off-site events for our membership, other women in the community, and the public. Our activities and events will always support our vision and mission and we hope you will join us! See more events here.


On May 11, 1939 the Junior Austin Woman's Club was established by the Austin Woman's Club for the daughters and granddaughters of AWC members to prepare for entrance into the Austin Woman's Club. From that time on the Junior Austin Woman's club has served a vital role in community engagement and preservation efforts of the Chateau Bellevue. Throughout time the Junior Austin Woman's Club has evolved, and we will continue to do so. Our membership not only consists of the daughters and the granddaughters, it welcomes all women who are interested in championing our mission, vision, values and service to the community.  


Bonnie Dyane Forte

Bonnie Dyane Forte is the founder and CEO of The Money Catalyst. She is passionate about getting people to accomplish their big financial and business goals! 


Stephanie Watkins

Stephanie Watkins is a millennial marketer for IBM who’s passionate about engaging communities and helping others. She’s immersed herself in the local community through her volunteer work with Austin Pets Alive, Dress for Success Austin, and the Central Texas Food Bank. When she’s not working or volunteering in the community, she’s probably Tweeting about the restaurant she just tried, the show she just binged, or the event she just went to in Austin.


Tamika Jade Scripps

Tamika Jade Scripps, Ours Ways and Means board member is originally from Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Community outreach and philanthropy has always been close to her heart and she is looking forward to getting more involved with the Austin community! 


Carlye Jane

Carlye Jane is our 2017-18 president! She is excited for the opportunity to lead and empower like minded Women because it has been something she is truly passionate about. 


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